Christmas Prayer Tree

Come and place an item on the Christmas prayer tree!

Throughout the Advent and Christmas season you are welcome to visit the tree in the grounds of Holy Cross, and leave a decoration, ribbon, bauble, or note as a Christmas prayer.

You may like to do this in memory of someone, or as a simple ritual for yourself. There are nails in the wood so you don’t need to worry about how to fasten things on – and you can access the tree anytime. Everyone welcome!

Liturgy Booklets for Advent and Christmas

If you are unable to attend church in the coming weeks, you may like to join in our worship and prayers from your own home. You can download the liturgy booklets below: these are the same as we will use in both churches over the festive period. You can either look at them on your screen, or print them off.

Printed copies have been sent to those people who we know don’t have internet access. You may know others who would like a printed copy – you are welcome to print and distribute to friends and family as necessary.

Advent Liturgy: For use up until Christmas Eve

Christmas Liturgy: For use up until Epiphany (Jan 6th 2021)

You can find all the parish resources for Advent and Christmas linked to from this page: Click here.

Advent Book Group: Those who wait

During Advent, you are invited to join in reading ‘Those Who Wait: finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay by Tanya Marlow. Tanya re-imagines the lives of 4 people from the Bible, and considers how they dealt with waiting – Sarah, Isaiah, John the Baptist and Mary.

In the first session, participants shared their own experiences of waiting, and how we wait differently for different things, as well as considering how the current pandemic has affected how we wait.

In the next session (on Thursday at 7.30pm on Zoom), we will be reflecting on the life of Sarah, the wife of Abraham, and sharing our thoughts on Tanya’s depiction of her, and how we can respond to times of waiting.

There is still time to join in, and buy (and read!) the book. You can find it here.

Or you may just like to reflect on the life of Sarah, as seen in the book of Genesis, and come and share your thoughts – do read Genesis Chapters 12-23.

Email Jim for the Zoom link.

Advent and Christmas resources published on the blog will be gathered into one place for easy reference: click here.

Sunday Reflections for Advent

Video Reflection for Advent Sunday

Video Reflection for Advent 2

Video Reflection for Advent 3 – on Joy

Video Reflection for Advent 4

You can find all the parish resources for Advent and Christmas linked to from this page: Click here.

Advent: Apart, together

Advent and Christmas will be very different this year. But they are certainly not cancelled!

Below is a copy of a flier which details services and other events taking place in the parish in the weeks ahead.

Resources published on the blog will be gathered into one place for easy reference – click here.

You can download the Advent and Christmas flier here:

Timperley Nativity Trail

It’s here:
The Great Big 2020 Timperley Nativity Trail!!
Can you spy a shepherd? Spot a sheep? See a star?


All around Timperley there are characters from the Nativity Story who might be a little bit lost. Thankfully, some kind Timperley residents have taken them in to keep them warm and dry through Advent.

Can you go on a hunt? See how many of them you can find peeking from windows! They might be a picture, a decoration, a light, or (in one case) a life-sized model!

You’ll need a trail map, which you can view on Google Maps (click here), or on the PDF below. The quality is better on the online map, but you can print off the PDF if that’s easier.

There are three trails to complete. On the PDF you can fill in the boxes when you find the Nativity characters.

To make it easier for the grown-ups, the characters are all named on the map. They can help you if you get stuck.

You’ll know you’ve found the right house if you look for the coloured star in the windows.

Each trail ends with a QR Code to scan on your phone – this will take you to a short Christmas video.

You won’t be able to do this all at once! Don’t worry – the trail will be available from Monday 30th November through until Boxing Day. Take your time – and don’t forget to share your trail selfies on our Facebook page!

Service of Remembrance 2020

Our Service of Remembrance for those who are bereaved can be seen below.

This week, to remember a loved one, you might like to bring a stone to the churchyard at Christ Church, and add it to our memorial cross, any time during the week beginning 1st November. The cross can be found just past the war memorial on the grass path. You might like to decorate your stone, or simply write the name of a loved one on it.

The clergy will use these stones to pray for you and those you remember, alongside those we remembered last month for our Baby Loss Awareness service